Derek McDonald lives in Burlington, Ontario, located near Toronto, Canada. Specializing in Information Technology, Derek holds a degree in Commerce from Ryerson University and a Diploma in Business from Loyalist College. As a lifelong fan of heavy metal music, and a founding member of Emperor Multimedia Corporation, he has been published several times for non-fiction with the titles of The Alliance, Recorded History and Polishing of Metal: a set of multimedia CD-ROM encyclopedias on the history of that music genre. In 2006 he received acting and wardrobe credits on the music video by Canadian heavy metal band Penetrator. Derek is also an accomplished computer programmer with several commercial software titles to his name. Many of his software and CD-ROM works have been archived at the United Nations Library of Alexandria (UNESCO). He is the founder and programmer of Diskery.com, an archive and on-line museum to rock music, one of the oldest on the Internet. He is an avid fan of Science Fiction and Gothic Horror, this is his first work of fiction, the follow-up, The Warriors of Ragnarok (2014), was his first to be published in in eBook format.